About Santa Visits

“Santa Brad is the greatest Santa in the history of Santas. Bar none. Period.  End of discussion. Santa Brad is so authentic as St. Nick himself, I found myself delighted and wondering ‘Is Santa actually for real and standing in front of me?’ He’s the Master.  He also brought Mrs. Claus to our event.  What an added gift.”   Melissa H.

Tips for a Great Special Visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Thank you all for stopping by our website and I hope that you will be glad that you have selected Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus for your event. BTW, Mrs. Claus attends most events with Santa Brad. We would like to make your visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus as special as we can so we have prepared some helpful hints that we hope to make it even more special.

 Be sure to have your camera/s ready and if you use film have a couple of extra rolls.
If you have a digital camera please, check to make sure that you have plenty of storage still on the card and the batteries are fully charged because some pictures and poses only happen once.

Please reserve a special parking place for Santa and Mrs. Claus.  
This space should be as close as possible to where the Clauses will be entering. Please remember that Santa and Mrs. Claus are older and walking very far in their outfits is tiring for them. If Santa and Mrs. Claus park down the street or around the corner, uphill or downhill then they will be winded and tired when they reach your event. (Sometimes a family member or guest may park in a close spot and then move the vehicle when Santa arrives. Then they can move back after the Clauses depart)

Please remember if your event is a corporate one and parking is of special concern, see if maybe Santa and Mrs. Claus could have a specially marked space out in front, you could even have some special sign marking their spot that will bring attention to everyone. Santa and Mrs. Claus want to be as fresh as they can so they can bring joy and smiles to all they meet. See the ready-made sign at the end.

Have your gifts (those provided by you) and presents ready.  
Santa can carry in only one bag of presents for all the children or guests. The elves recommend that these be marked with a large black marking pen and be marked directly on the gift because we all know how those tags always fall off. The bag Santa carries as we all know fits all the toys for all the children of the world but you see that special “Magic Bag” only works on Christmas Eve, so all the gifts should be able to fit in a 35-gallon trash bag. If there are any more than that it would be too heavy and awkward for Santa to carry.
If there is a chance that you will have more than one bag or they just won’t fit in the bag, let Santa know and maybe there could be some honorary elves (helpers) there to assist him by bringing the gifts to him.

Timing is everything, so get everyone together.  
Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus will be there only for a set period of time so it is important that everyone be in the same place when they arrive after all they are very busy this time of year you know. If everyone is out in the kitchen or the food table getting that last chocolate chip cookie then valuable time is lost. Mrs. Claus will coordinate with you and try her best to call you when they are 5 minutes from arriving at your location. Santa is driving and should not call and drive. This will be your way of having everyone get into the location that Santa and Mrs. Claus will be at by maybe singing some Christmas songs that we all love to hear. The children will all want to be at Santa’s side so it might be helpful if one of the adults, or older children, could help out by bringing the children up to see Santa one at a time.  Santa and Mrs. Claus oft times prefer to have the oldest child sit Santa’s or Mrs. Claus’ lap first, then go down by ages, so the younger child may observe and be less afraid to come forward.

Sturdy chair and small fan for Santa and Mrs. Claus.  
While we might love that special chair that was a hand me down over the years Santa and Mrs. Claus really needs more of a sturdy high back chair, (preferably with no arms) something like a dining room chair, so they can sit comfortably and be able to hold the children in their laps. Often younger children would prefer to sit in Mrs. Claus’ lap. It would not be good if Santa couldn’t get back up after he has been sitting a while. Please consider a small fan blowing on Santa and or Mrs. Claus because as you know our suits are for riding in the sleigh where it is really, really cold, and once we are inside these heavy coats and suits get hot fast. If Santa and Mrs. Claus are cool the pictures will be much better.

Try placing the chair next to your favorite Christmas setting. 
The Christmas tree or fireplace (please keep the fire down real low or out because it makes it really hot for Santa and Mrs. Claus) are always favorites for that special picture as a backdrop. Remember to leave enough room behind the chair so other members can stand behind Santa and Mrs. Claus for the family pose.  If you don’t have a fireplace don’t worry you might want to have some Christmas cards hanging on the wall and then have the pictures taken there as a backdrop, the ideas are endless for it is what you feel is right for you that matters

Those hard to get photos of everyone.  
There are always residents or quests that are hard to get a picture of like the teenagers, don’t worry Santa and Mrs. Claus do not have to have everyone sit on their lap. If standing is better, Santa and Mrs. Claus will be glad to take that friendship shot. Don’t forget Grandma and Grandpa for you see you are never too young to sit with Santa or Mrs. Claus, you know Santa has to even ask them if they have been naughty or nice! Many times we get hoots and laughter from the family during this time.  If it is difficult for them to move, Santa and Mrs. Claus can come to them.

Santa departure.  
Even though Santa and Mrs. Claus would love to stay forever with each and everyone, they have a very busy schedule to keep. If there is a Gift (balance or payment) that Santa is to receive please be so kind as to place it in a card or envelope and hand to him, or Mrs. Claus saying something like “Here Santa and Mrs. Claus, this is a Christmas card from all of us to you and for elves”.

Thank you for stopping by our site and may the spirit of Christmas be always in your heart!


Always remember to be good for goodness sake.