Picture perfect Santa


Last night my twin special need daughters and I were in a local hardware store buying plants. Both Carol and Courtney squealed with delight when they saw Santa Brad. They both ran to hug him. Which is very interesting because they are both shy, reluctant and socially awkward. He was delightful with the girls. He asked them questions about if they were being good, if their room was clean and if they helped mom and dad. The three of them had a great conversation

He was the textbook image of what Santa should look like. He was not too tall nor was he too fat. Many Santa impersonators look like old fat hippies with unkempt hair and straggly beards.

We posed for pictures to send to grandma and grandpa. Everyone around us enjoyed the interaction. Some of them posed for pictures also. He gave us his business card with his and Mrs. Claus’s picture. The twins thought she look like a queen.

When the girls got home they rushed to do their chores and cleaned their room without being asked.

Finally the girl’s father came home. We showed him the pictures and the girls told him all about their encounter with Santa Brad. We had a great dinner discussion about Santa and the principles and morals he represents.

Thank you Santa Brad. You made believers out of all of us. You brought happiness and joy to our family and others.
Reviewer: Linda Robinson

They delivered an authentic performance for a crowd exceeding 250 guests.

Santa and Mrs. Claus were requested for our Corporate Holiday entertainment. They delivered an authentic performance for a crowd exceeding 250 guests. Their visit consisted of one-on-one visits with our guests as they handed out gifts. This natural-bearded Santa has you convinced that you have seen the “real” Santa! His happy chuckle, warm smile and belly filled with jelly help too! We will use Santa and Mrs. Claus to spread Christmas joy at future functions.

I was amazed by the authenticity and professionalism of the duo.

Merry Christmas!
I had the distinct pleasure of attending an event that was visited by Santa Brad & Mrs. Claus. What an absolute pleasure! The children were as thrilled as I was. I was amazed by the authenticity and professionalism of the duo. A few of the children were apprehensive to approach Santa, however, they were extremely comfortable talking with Mrs. Santa. The two make a wonderful pair. I definitely recommend a “visit from Santa Brad and Lisa Claus”!

You two truly add so much to the party!

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is to have you at our party every year! It has become the highlight of the season for our guests. You two truly add so much to the party that we could never thank you enough!

The children were thrilled & the adults delighted.

Dear Santa Brad;
Thank you so much for your wonderful visit last night. The children were thrilled & the adults delighted. We enjoyed singing together, your reading of The Night before Christmas & especially your humor. We are especially appreciative of how you tied Santa’s visit and the birth of our Savior together.  It was a very memorable evening thanks to you.

Thank you both again & Merry Christmas.

You truly bring the true spirit of Christmas when you come.

Brad and Lisa:

Just a note to let you know what a delight it was to have you at our home on Christmas Eve. It was absolutely the highlight of our Christmas. We are glad we found you and you have continued to help make our holiday traditions memorable.  The kids and the adults were thrilled with you two. We are greatful that you take the time to share our holidays with us. You truly bring the true spirit of Christmas when you come. 

Best wishes for a safe and happy New Year and for much success in the coming year.

Gracias Santa Claus


Gracias Santa Claus. Mis hijos estaban emocionados cuando les hablabas en Español. Están convencidos de que eres el “real deal”.

Dear Zermatt Resort


Dear Zermatt Resort

Just wanted to tell you thank you for having Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus visit your establishment.  We saw the Claus’ walking around your square.  Santa walked up to us and wished us a merry Christmas.  My husband and I were intrigued by his looks and attire.  He is the PERFECT SANTA.  His curly, white hair, twinkly eyes and rosy cheeks were Santa-perfection.  Mrs. Claus was great also.  She looked a bit young to be the matronly wife of Santa but she was beautiful and charming.

We took some “selfies with the elfie” as he called it and then Santa Brad recorded a small video to our children and grandchildren.  He was tremendous and hilarious.  He had everyone around us in stitches.

BTW we got his contact name and number from his “KRINGLE” Explorer in your parking lot.

Again, thank you

Thanks For Making Christmas Great


Santa Brad and Mrs Claus came to a family get together that we had so that we could take pictures and have all the kids talk to Santa. It was great! The kids loved it they sang songs and Santa told stories and we got all of the pictures we could take. I would definitely recommend Santa Brad and Mrs Claus. Thanks for making Christmas great
Reviewer: Marcus Berry

Santa And His Wife Were Over-The-Top


My family and I went to the Reindeer Express on Friday the 1st.  We were blown away with the reindeer, camels and other animals.  We are students at USU and even though it’s an agricultural college, we are not used to seeing animals.  The segments with Santa and the animal doctors was great information.

Your Santa and his wife were over-the-top.  They had my children, my husband and I believing they were the real deal.  Santa interviewed the children to make sure they were cleaning their rooms, picking up their toys and putting clothes away as well as minding mom and dad.  He told them that he no longer brought coal to naughty children.  He said it was not as good the environment as the alternative.  The alternative? … reindeer poop.  He said he had lots of it as he pointed to the reindeer. It was recyclable and they were to be careful when they put their hands in the stockings because it might be fresh.  Roars of laughter from the kids and all their friends.  Too funny.  Santa and Mrs. Claus were great.

His looks and manner were just like the story books...


We met Santa Claus (Santa Brad) on vacation at the KOA Bear Lake.  What a great Santa.  My kids were acting up and being a bit naughty. I kept telling them that Santa would not approve of their behavior.  When the kids (and all of us) saw Santa Brad, we were amazed.  His looks and manner were just like the story books.  The hayride with Santa was a blast.  He did a little interview with my 3 children.  He asked them if they were being good to each other, minding their parents and grandparents and keeping their rooms clean.  He told them if they were naughty he would put reindeer poop in their stockings.  This made everyone roar and squeal with delight.  The kids promised to be good.  We got our pictures taken with him and it was an unforgettable time.  My children were angels for the rest of our trip.  When they got home from vacation they ran to clean their rooms.

It wasn’t your “typical visit from Santa"


It wasn’t your “typical visit from Santa”, Santa Brad brought Mrs. Claus with him.  The singing and joking and laughing all added to the spirit.  Santa Brad brought the magic of Christmas to our holiday party.  The children loved the audience participation – laughs and memories to last a lifetime.  Amazing, not only do I feel he was the best Santa I have yet to see, many parents commented that he was as well.  One little girl was overheard telling her Mother ” I know he IS the real Santa because he knew I’d been good.

Our children and grand kids were flabbergasted and astonished when they received the video message from Santa.


I would like to thank you and everyone else involved with the 2017 Christmas Tree Jubilee.  This event helps us get the holiday season started off on the right foot.  My husband and I have been attending the Jubilee for almost 6 years. The volunteers and the event staff have made our experience very enjoyable.

On that particular note, we have really enjoyed the Santa and Mrs. Claus that you have on the opening night.  This Santa couple are funny, charming and classy.  Their attire is spot on and he looks just like the Santa I imagine when I think of a perfect Santa.

We met up with Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus after the event.  As we posed for pictures with Santa, he suggested that we video tape a message from him to our grandchildren.  We gave him their names and then as we started the taping, he called the children by name and reminded them the clean their rooms, pick up their toys and put their clothes away.  He also told them it was very important to mind their parents as well as Grandma and Grandpa.  What topped off the video was the fact that if they did not do these things, Santa would bring them reindeer poop.  He stated that coal was not environmentally friendly.  He said he had lots of reindeer droppings and he admonished them to be careful when they put their hands in their stocking, because the poop might be fresh.  By the way, our children and grand kids were flabbergasted and astonished when they received the video message from Santa.

The group around us went nuts, he must have recorded 6-8 messages while we were there.

I did not mean to ramble.  We greatly admire you and your organization and all that you do.  Please give them all a big hug and a hearty thanks for all they do.


Cynthia M.

Bear Lake KOA Christmas in July 2017


(Letter to Bear Lake KOA) … We were also pleasantly surprised at your Christmas in July theme. We all thought it was fun to see the different decorated units. We were very delightfully surprised when we met Santa Brad.  He was one of the best looking Santas that I have ever seen.  His face, sparkly eyes, beard and hair were just what I imagined Santa should look like.  His humor and demeanor were beyond description.  We all hooted, hollered and laughed as he interviewed all of us, not just the kids.  He even knew where we were from…Archer, Idaho.  I don’t know where you found him, but he is a keeper.

Note from Santa: I grew up going to school in Archer, Idaho.  I still have family in Archer … I go back often.  My parents are interred there.



The other day, my family met Santa Brad while he was on vacation at Lagoon.  My daughter was just on the verge of no longer believing in Santa when she spotted him.  SHE WENT NUTS.  He was getting off the little train and she latched on to him.

He was the perfect epitome or personification of what Santa should look like. First of all he was wearing a North Pole T-shirt.  His was a bit short, kinda stout and had perfect white hair and a beautiful beard. His eyes twinkled as he talked to us.  The children (and adults) were almost hypnotic as he interviewed the children and asked them if their rooms were clean, if they minded their parents and grandparents and if they were being good.  He even showed us his Universal Sleigh Driver’s License with his picture.

The children squealed with delight when he told that that he no longer brought coal to the naughty children, instead he brought REINDEER POOP!  He told them it was environmentally safe and he had plenty to share.  He also advised them to be careful when putting their hands in the stockings, because it might be fresh.  This response made everyone around us laugh a joyful laugh.  We decided that we had to have our picture taken with him.

The children have been talking about this encounter for several days.  They have cleaned their rooms, they are being nice to each other and most of all, my daughter still believes in Santa Claus.

Santa Brad asked me to contact him when she is ready to make the transition.  He says he has learned a few tips to help ease from believing to supporting.

Thank you Santa Brad.  You are a true representative of Christmas.  We will be contacting you for our family Christmas party.

Constance Howell.

This is a lengthy but worth-while message in support of Santa Claus.


This is a lengthy but worth-while message in support of Santa Claus.

“Real Christmas Spirit. That is the name of his website and that is what we observed yesterday.

My family and I were at our local gas station, Santa Brad was there also. While he was filling his Explorer, my children were asking him all sorts of questions about the North Pole and the reindeer, favorite cookies and Mrs. Claus etc. We were interrupted by a lady who seemed to be very upset that Santa was the main reason for the removal of Christ from the Christmas theme. She ranted and raved about how Santa and the evil retail establishment were polluting the minds and spirits of children and adults and forcing them to spend lots of money and push Christ away from the public. She cited a particular commercial from Chrysler with children portraying elves and Santa as the Sales Manager.

Santa Brad chuckled and then stated that although he could not speak for all Santa’s however,  the Santa portrayed in the Chrysler commercial is his good Santa friend, Ed Taylor. ‘I cannot think of anyone who has more Christ-like attitude than Santa Ed.’ Santa Brad continued, ‘Santa Ed and I belong the same organization.’ He pointed to a decal on his SUV.  IBRBS it stands for International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas. ‘Our organization promotes peace and good will to all. Our mission statement has many tenets. A couple which state: We uphold the magical spirit and the true meaning of Christmas; We promote the joy of giving; and We respect the diversity of Christmas traditions throughout the world.’ Santa Brad also stated that as a professional Santa he is bound to the oath and he chooses to follow the Santa Claus Oath. Part of which states: I know the “real reason for the season” and know that I am blessed to be able to be a part of it.

(I googled the oath) www.ibrbsantas.org/santa_claus_oath.html

Santa Brad then pointed to another decal on his vehicle, which showed a picture of the nativity and Santa Brad’s support of the true meaning of Christmas. Again, Santa Brad stated, ‘I cannot speak for all Santa’s but I think if you look at the credence and beliefs of many professional Santa figures you’ll find the same support of Christian values.

This lady seemed to calm down a bit. She had a large beverage container. Santa Brad reached into his vehicle and pulled out an orange soda pop. ‘Let’s toast to Peace on Earth and Good Will to All Men.’ She laughed and they toasted.

Just then, Justin, a local man with “special needs” walked up to Santa Brad and gave him a big hug. ‘I love you Santa, can I have a soda pop?’ Everyone laughed as Santa got Justin his bottle of pop. ‘I hope I have enough’ Santa said.

This event caused a great discussion within our family about being kind and loving to everyone. Just like what Christ has taught us and just like Santa Brad and his fellow Santa’s are teaching us.

Thank you Santa Brad and to all Santa’s everywhere.”

#SantaBrad #RealChristmasSpirit #UtahSantas #IBRBS

For a short moment in time you had me, my husband my four other kids and others in Costa Vida, all believing that you were the real deal.

Dearest Santa Brad, Your brother gave me your business card with your name and contact information. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you and thank you. We saw you, Thursday night, at the Costa Vida restaurant in Gunnison. As you were passing by my daughter Grace said “Hi Santa.” This shocked us all. Grace is 6 years old and has Down syndrome and she is excruciatingly shy and never ever talks to anyone else in public. You replied and said “hi princess.” She literally, came out of her shell, and wanted to thank you for all she received for Christmas. You two chatted for a while about what you gave her for Christmas, her favorite Disney princess and whether or not she was still keeping her room clean and minding her parents. Many others around you were watching you two interact. You were not aware of Grace’s shyness, nor did it matter. Again, we were all dumbfounded at the communication between you and Grace. The aura around you and Grace was purely magical and almost supernatural. When you finished and were finally able to eat your meal, Grace kept on chatting about you and the opportunity she had to talk with Santa. She has seen many other Santa figures at the malls and at church functions, but she was totally enchanted by you and your appearance. BTW, for a short moment in time you had me, my husband my four other kids and others in Costa Vida, all believing that you were the real deal. When you got ready to leave, Grace shouted, “Goodbye, Santa, I love you.” Yet again, surprising us with her boldness. You responded, “I love you too Grace and remember to be good for goodness sake.” I cried, my husband teared up and numerous other people in the restaurant were dabbing their eyes. Again, countless thanks. This was a very special occurrence that will be remembered for the rest of all of our lives. Toni B.

I have never been so touched by a Santa like I was with you

It took me long time to find you, Santa Brad. I have never been so touched by a Santa like I was with you. My daughter was just on the border of getting coal for Christmas. I brought her to downtown Ogden to see some Christmas lights and sights and to have a mother and daughter talk. We saw you and your wife walking down the street. You and Mrs. Claus went into the Christmas Tree Jubilee. My daughter was so excited to see you that we chased you down so my daughter could see you and talk to you. I was touched that you and your wife took time to visit with us. You two were so precious and kind to me and my daughter. She was floating on air and could talk of nothing else for days. You whispered something to her. She will not tell me what you said because she says it is a secret. I want to say thank you, she has been on her best behavior since then. She is cleaning her room, being nice to her brothers and sisters, helping me with household chores and she also does what I ask the first time without complaining. When I asked what changed her attitude she said ‘Santa told me a special secret.’ Whatever you said, it has changed the lives of our whole family.

Thanks Santa and Mrs. Claus you are so priceless.

– Helen G.

Santa and Mrs. Claus made us laugh and cry

Santa Brad and his wife Mrs. Claus came to our family party.  We heard them coming down the hall.  The sleigh bells were jingling and the children and adults went wild and crazy.  One of the smallest granddaughters fought her way through the crowd and tackled Santa and Mrs. Claus.  It was precious.  The Clauses looked perfect from their heads to their boots.

The moment they entered the room, Santa and Mrs. Claus had the joint jumpin’. They started with a Christmas song duel between adults and kids.  The adults tried hard but the children out sang them.  The Clauses are true entertainers.

Santa interviewed the kids, starting with the oldest.  Mrs. Claus stated that they discovered that if they start with the oldest kids, the youngest are less anxious about seeing Santa.  BTW Santa had everyone in stitches. Usually at our family parties the adults sit around and talk but the children were laughing so much the adults gathered around.  My daughter said the she laughed so hard she almost had an accident.  He teased the kids about cleaning their rooms and getting reindeer poop if their rooms were not clean.  I have heard it from family members that several of the younger and even the teenage kids cleaned their rooms as soon as they got home.

My 91-year-old mother sat on his lap and whispered something in his ear.  He whispered something back and they started laughing.  My mother later said that she has not laughed like that in years.  When I asked mom what she asked for, she said she wanted a new, tall and handsome man.  Santa told her that it may take a while but, he had several short ones back at the North Pole, and she said, three will do.

Santa and Mrs.  Claus ended with a rendition of Silent Night.  My son served a mission in Germany and Santa asked him to sing the first verse in German.  I was positive that my son would say no, but he did not.  The first verse was sung in German and the other verses were sung in English.  It was divine and celestial. Many of the adults as well as older children were tearful.
Thank you Santa and Mrs. Claus for making us laugh and then making us cry.

We love you.

Mary J.

Linda’s face lit up when she saw Santa Brad at McKay-Dee Hospital Saturday morning.

Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus were invited for our Annual Breakfast with Santa. The annual Breakfast with Santa, hosted by the McKay-Dee Hospital Women’s Council and the McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation, drew special needs children in the Weber and Ogden school districts, along with parents or caregivers.

Linda’s face lit up when she saw Santa Brad at McKay-Dee Hospital Saturday morning.

The 8 year-old blonde, blue-eyed girl dressed in a princess outfit jumped into Santa’s lap and couldn’t wait to talk to her friend.
Linda was one of more than 125 special needs children who spent the morning eating breakfast together while being entertained by a juggler, a singer, a storyteller and Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Linda was born with three quarters of a heart. She had her first surgery before she was five hours old. Before the age of 1, she had a total of six surgeries to repair damage and insert a pacemaker. During one of those surgeries, she suffered a brain injury due to lack of oxygen, her mother said.  Doctors stated she would never be able to read, talk or comprehend.

Linda’s mom, Ruth, “But she’s doing all of that, thanks to her teachers at Roy Elementary School,” she said. “They are her miracle angels.”

Santa Brad delivered an authentic performance for the crowd. His “official visit” consisted of one-on-one visits with our guests and a gift hand out. This natural-bearded Santa has you convinced that you have seen the “real” Santa! His has a happy chuckle, warm smile and twinkly eyes!  As a member of the McKay Dee Foundation, I had the distinct pleasure of attending an event that was visited by Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus. What an absolute pleasure! The children were as thrilled as I was. I was amazed by the authenticity and professionalism of the duo. This whole event and Santa Brad has helped to set the tone for the rest of my holiday season.

Thank you Santa

What caught my eye were his Candy Cane High-Top Converse Tennis shoes

Last Saturday, my family and I were at Golden Corral in Salt Lake City. As we were leaving, I saw Santa Claus. First, I saw his SUV with a KRINGLE license plate. Then I saw the big guy. He was wearing red coveralls that were cut short like knickers and he had a green and white rugby shirt and green and white knee high socks. But what caught my eye were his Candy Cane High-Top Converse Tennis shoes. He looked exactly like a Santa should…white hair and beard, twinkly eyes and rosy cheeks.

After he went in, I copied his contact information found on his vehicle: Santa Brad (435) 225-2046 santaclaus1106@yahoo.com realchristmasspirit.com. I love his website! (Please add my letter) I will definitely contact you for our Christmas party. On the way home, my family and I discussed our Christmas memories of Santa. We laughed and laughed and laughed with memories of you and Christmas. Santa, I want to say thank you for making me happy for so many years. I made a list, and you checked it twice. You got everything right.

Thank you, Santa, for bringing joy, happiness and excitement to the millions of people in the world, it seems that everyone gets a burst of energy when December comes. Santa, thank you for bringing my family together every year, and that my family has made it another year together. Without you, my family wouldn’t have a reason to come around and give gifts to each other to show how much we care for each other. From the bottom my heart, Santa Claus, I want to say thank you for the past 65 years.

Sara Nelson Reid

P.S I would like a new, white Escalade if you’re really feeling generous.

I could not be happier and would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

I was beyond impressed with the Clauses visit. Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus exceeded my expectations. On top of being early, they looked better than any Santa couple I have seen in person. Their costumes were classic and beautiful. Santa’s beard and hair looked so awesome and his face just ‘looked’ like what I remember Santa looking like when I was a child. So right when he arrives, he immediately turns it “on!” Bells jingled when he walked in the door and the children’s (and adults) faces lit up. Last year the adults stayed in the dining room. This year they were fighting for spots by the kids. Then he went by the fire place and told all the kids to gather round and he started to tell a story, The Night Before Christmas. I didn’t have to give him any direction. Mrs. Claus was very classy and gracious, my littlest granddaughter wanted to stay on her lap. They told jokes and sang songs. I even sat on Santa’s lap. At the end they sang “Silent Night” with us and asked us to remember the “real reason for the season.” It brought tears to a lot of eyes. They just made it easy and effortless and they really made the party. I could not be happier and would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

– Colleen B.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making our event a huge success!

Santa and Mrs. Claus did an amazing job at our Lights On Celebration. Above and beyond our expectations! Santa even took a moment to recite the “Night Before Christmas. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making our event a huge success!

Valerie – Ogden Golf and Country Club

They are a “classy” Santa couple with gorgeous outfits!

“Thanks to Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus our visit to the Weber County Holiday Festival was a huge success! Our children and grandchildren absolutely adored them. Santa joked with the kids and adults and made everyone laugh. They were so personable and fun, interacting with each guest in character. Even the older kids wanted to sit with them. They are a “classy” Santa couple with gorgeous outfits! If you are looking for a Santa couple for your next event I highly recommend them! You will be very impressed!”

Francis G.

Santa Brad is the real deal and I think he may actually be the Real Santa Claus!

Real Christmas Spirit Santa Brad came to my sons’ birthday party. You know the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ it’s true with Santa Brad! After having other “Professional Santa Clauses” in the past and been disappointed year after year, we decided to call Santa Brad. His web page realchristmsspirit.com is fantastic. My mother works in the entertainment industry and she was blown away by his looks, dress and manner…everyone was. Well we could not be happier with our decision. Santa Brad is a true professional! He is great, amazing, unbelievable, terrific, realistic, gentle, funny etc, etc!! His suit is perfect, and his beard, hair and face are the most authentic we have ever seen. He is an entertainer not just a Santa that will sit for pictures (though he did that too, and they came out great). He told stories, teased the kids and adults. He was so funny. My sisters were laughing so hard, they were crying, he had everyone in stitches. Every single parent came up to me and told me how impressed they were with Santa Brad, he made me look good! We have already booked him for the next several years. Santa Brad is the real deal and I think he may actually be the Real Santa Claus!

You and Mrs. Claus were PERFECT, as usual!!

You did an absolutely amazing job. You not only had all the kids mesmerized, but the parents as well. We have been hosting a meeting with Cowboy Christmas event with you, our “official” Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. Santa and Mrs. Claus looked fantastic. Santa Brad wore a great looking Cowboy hat and his red cowboy boots had spurs with sleigh bells for rowels. You and Mrs. Claus were PERFECT, as usual!! The special time you spent with each child individually created lifelong memories for not only the child but each parent as well. I already had several friends as me for your contact info. Thank you again for creating such wonderful memories for the kids and parents”

– Tray, G.M. Intermountain Farmer’s Association

You brought back memories of what these senior citizens remember of the Santa of their youth.

Thank you so much! We had a lot of complements on Santa and Mrs. Claus. Many people approached me that night, and even the next day to tell me how GREAT you two were. Your Santa costumes were amazing. Santa’s beard, hair, twinkly eyes and dimples were a hit. Mrs. Claus was a hit with many of our male patrons. You brought back memories of what these senior citizens remember of the Santa of their youth. The nursing home clients loved sitting on Mr. and Mrs. Claus’ lap and regaling recollections of Christmases past. At the end, when you led them in the song of “Silent Night,” many tears were shed.

Thank you.

Lotus Park Assisted Living

Not since I was a child have I looked so forward to a visit from Santa.

We have had Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus come to our party for almost 15 years now, we will continue having “the real Clauses”, as our kids say for as long as he will visit us. My grandkids know that this is the real Santa because he also comes to my son’s work party and we saw him at the Mall. Thank you so much for bringing an element to Christmas that was long forgotten, not since I was a child have I looked so forward to a visit from Santa.

– Jane N.

This is the real Santa, look at his beard, I dare you to pull it!

Stop and imaging five little kids (and 6 adults) giggling with excitement to the point of not sitting still, yet completely enchanted and captivated by Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Santa was hilarious and kept us entertained with stories and jokes. One little grandson leaned over to his cousin and said out loud, “This is the real Santa, look at his beard, I dare you to pull it.” This produced a whole new eruption of wiggly giggles. We all were squirming and squealing with delight as we (yes, adults too) took turns sitting on his lap and answering his questions and then telling Santa and Mrs. Claus what we wanted. The littlest ones sat on Mrs. Claus’ lap. Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus, you created a very extraordinary evening and a Christmas for this family. And a memory for me and my family which will last a lifetime. For us, you are the Real Santa. Thank you!

– Anonymous

Posted on the Weber County Facebook Page

This is the absolutely cutest Santa and Mrs. Santa you will ever meet and they will be at the Holiday Festival tonight until 8pm. Bring the kids and come and see them. “You were simply amazing! I am so grateful for your time and energy to bring joy to the families at the Weber County Holiday Festival. I’ve heard glowing report after glowing report. I spoke with a 90 year old lady who stated that you made her feel young again and that you were the ‘BEES KNEES’ ”

– Carl B.

I have heard nothing but RAVE REVIEWS about everyone’s (parents, kids and grandkids) experience with you

I have heard nothing but RAVE REVIEWS about everyone’s (parents, kids and grandkids) experience with you this past Saturday. You guys are the perfect Mr. and Mrs. Claus. The photographers really enjoyed working with you. After your shift, many people were disappointed when the “other” Santa showed up. You both are very professional…We will definitely keep you in mind for next year’s event!

Merry Christmas and thank you.

2014 Primary Children’s Festival of Trees

He joked and kidded with the children and was TOTALLY engaging.

We had a fabulous experience. Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus were perfect with a bunch of pretty excited children. He joked and kidded with the children and was TOTALLY engaging. They took time with each of the kids and worked with the families to get a great photo with the Clauses. I would highly recommend them and plan on using them next year as well!

– Whitney and friends

His dress, mannerisms and showmanship were remarkable

Santa Brad was a great addition to our company party. In the past, our company Christmas parties have been definitely on the boring side. We had things to do for the employees but none of it was as engaging and exciting as I wanted it to be. I have to say that I kind of just lucked out on finding Santa Brad. Many of my colleagues believe they were with the REAL SANTA. He made us laugh, laugh, laugh! His dress, mannerisms and showmanship were remarkable. (He had on candy-cane Converse Chuck Taylors.) He was a wonderful addition to our party. (Although he really wasn’t an addition – he stole the show!) Thank you, Thank you, you made me look good.

Denice G. Human Resources

THEY really are the REAL deal.

“Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus are nothing short of the truest meaning of Christmas. From the minute they entered the door, my family young and old are mesmerized by their sincerest message of kindest and goodwill towards all. THEY really are the REAL deal. Their clothing and manner are perfect, just what I imagined as a little girl. One little boy, squealed with delight and did a happy dance when he saw Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus. Some of the children preferred to sit on Mrs. Claus’ lap and converse with Santa Brad. It was adorable.”

– Grandma G.

The kids and adults had a hard time trying to stump him

A real Santa that’s on the nice list! When I told my family that Santa was coming to our party, they got together to see if they could trick Santa into revealing that he wasn’t real. Santa Brad was ready for the challenge. He replied to any and all questions we had about Santa, Mrs. Claus, reindeer and elves. The kids and adults had a hard time trying to stump him. They were all excited to have him at our party. I gave him some data beforehand about each one of our kids and their parents. He had the information recorded in a ‘Naughty and Nice’ leather book. He even had some “dirt” on the adults. It was hilarious. We all laughed and laughed. He made everyone feel very special. He looked like Santa, talked like Santa and his suit was spot on. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Marilyn“This is THE MOST GENUINE, REAL AND FUNNY Santa and Mrs. Claus. I can’t even put into word how much this Christmas couple has touched our lives. I have never seen my children so mesmerized…Ever single detail is real, their countenances shine, and their clothing is genuine. They love the children and it is reciprocated. My 9 year old he said he didn’t believe that Christmas was real until the real Santa and Mrs. Claus came. The enchantment and the spirit were so real. My adult children teased him and wanted to know if he came in his sleigh. He said “not today, not enough snow” They looked outside and his SUV had Kringle on the license plate. That pushed it over the top. Many thanks for restoring the Christmas spirit to our family. BTW he and Mrs. Claus come with a thorough background check.” – Barbara W.“This man is the real deal. We are not paying customers. Our family had been going through a rough year. We bumped into Santa Claus at Workforce Services. He entertained the children. He and his associates were like angels to us. They helped us with food, shelter and clothing and even some medical help. Santa is working with my husband to help him gain employment. He let us know the true meaning of Christmas. My husband and I just broke down and thanked the Lord after we visited the office. My children were actually in tears when we left. This man and his friends embodied the true spirit of Christmas, thank you a million times. You have touched and changed our lives.

– Anonymous

Reindeer Express USU Veterinary School


Reindeer Express  USU Veterinary School Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus were wonderful. They worked so hard to please all of the kids and perform in our skits. We had a tough event with several thousand people in attendance, and “the Claus’s” were amazing. No concerns with ever hiring them again. Simply WONDERFUL people!

Two Color Photography Christmas Card Palooza 2017


Two Color Photography Christmas Card Palooza 2017

We had the most incredible morning! Santa and Mrs. Claus were pure perfection and as jolly as you would expect him to be! Besides the freezing cold temperatures, it was the perfect Christmas Card Palooza! …Oh my heck I love this Santa and Mrs. Claus and their outfits were incredible….He truly was amazing…He is the real Santa! … His humor and demeanor are just exactly what Santa should be…  My children loved Santa Brad and Grandma Claus… Sandy kept talking about Santa and Mrs. Claus for a week.  This couple was beyond spectacular…

The whole experience was full of songs, pure joy, and the magic and mystic of Christmas!


“Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus,

Thank you for your visit….When you entered the room the place lit up. Even though there were adults and children at the party, all of us became as carefree children celebrating in the spirit of Christmas the two of you brought with you!

My family and friends marveled at the real-beard and rosy cheeks, as well as your costumes and your wit and humor. Santa Brad had everyone laughing so much many of us were in tears. The experience was unsurpassed. We have had other Santa couples before, but you guys blew the rest out of the water.

All the family and employees…and I do mean everyone, said that this Christmas party, was the best one they have ever attended.

It is tough to pick our favorite moment, since the whole experience was full of songs, pure joy, and the magic and mystic of Christmas!

My sister said that Santa Brad did an awesome job! It really helped her daughter believe more in Santa (because she is at the age when the kids at school are starting to tell her he isn’t real!) Even the teenage nieces and nephew were bedazzled and excited.

Have a wonderful Christmas…and remember…I’ve been a very good girl and worked hard all year…so load up the sleigh!”

Emily F.

She was on Cloud 9

Dearest Santa:

My daughter was pretty bummed that she had not been able to see Santa this year. With dance rehearsals, family parties and other events we were not able to go to the Mall to visit with Santa. This is the first year Laurel has been able to write a letter to Santa all by herself. She really wanted to see if Santa had gotten her letter. Lo and behold Mr. and Mrs. Claus came to the Inspire Dance Winter Recital last Monday. Little Laurel was sure you came to see her perform. She was on Cloud 9. It was even better when Santa talked to her personally and told her that she was one of his favorite performers. Laurel reminded you of her letter and you charmed her with your response. She was also impressed that you brought your wife. The girls were awed and fascinated by her beautiful dress. BTW, Santa, her dance troupe was very excited when you showed up with your beautiful Santa coat, but what really wowed them was that you had on green jeans and candy cane hi-top tennis shoes. Thank you for helping us keep Laurel’s and our family’s Christmas dreams alive. Kim M.

Thank you Santa Brad

Thank you for restoring the spirit of Christmas to my and my family

Santa Brad, I got your name from the nice people at the Weber Holiday Festival. I want you to know that my daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit with the Clauses. We were excited to see Mrs. Claus. You are both charming and delightful. Mandy and I were entertained with your humor and intuition. Mandy was embarrassed when you asked her if her room was clean and whether or not she was minding your parents. She had a blast telling you what she wanted Santa to bring. We all laughed when she told you Shopkins and you said A SHOTGUN?

I was a bit surprised when you asked me to sit with you and Mrs. Claus and tell you what I wanted for Christmas. I was even more surprised when I told you I wanted a baby for Christmas. We all laughed when you said that Santa and his elves only had a couple of weeks and a baby would take a bit longer.

I revealed to you and Mrs. Claus that I had lost a baby last year around Christmas time. I was shocked that I expressed this to you, but I felt very comfortable and calm. I got emotional. You and your wife got a bit teary eyed and the elegant lady sitting near to us about lost it. You patted me on my back and offered your condolences and prayers. Thank you for your support.

I have good news…I saw my family doctor this morning and we discovered that I AM PREGNANT. I suspected something before I talked to you however, this is a great Christmas present. My husband and I are preparing to tell Mandy and the rest of our families as a Christmas present.

Thank you for restoring the Spirit of Christmas to me and my family.

Sharon 12/9/2015

My Son Went Home Right After We Saw You And Cleaned His Room!!!


Brigham city visit

Nice to see you on Saturday Santa! My son went home right after we saw you and cleaned his room !!!!

My kids know that you are the real Santa Claus. Because first of all, not just anybody gets to ride on a firetruck. Then your beard was not fake and you knew that they had been naughty. And finally, when you left and went to your truck, your license plate said “KRINGLE.”

My daughter was blown away when you called her Princess. She said “How did he know that’s what Daddy calls me.” She was also very impressed that Mrs. Claus was with you. She said “She’s even prettier than I imagined.

Jack Frost was nipping at our noseys and toesys. However my kids were so excited to see you that we did not mind. Even my 15-year old sat on your lap and told you what she wanted for Christmas. She even smiled for a family picture. Shocked us all. Thank you, thank you Santa. You are truly magical.

Everyone hooted and hollered when you mentioned that you gave out reindeer poop instead of coal to misbehaving kids. My family thought it was pretty cool when you said that you do not have a Naughty list. You said everyone is on the Nice list, some are just a degree or two higher or lower than others.

Santa Brad and his Mrs. we’re absolutely AMAZING


After the death of our beloved Santa Hugo, we never thought we would find a Santa we loved as much! We had used Hugo for 10 years. Santa Brad and his Mrs. we’re absolutely AMAZING. They drove over an hour IN A HUGE BLIZZARD, were still 15 min early and were happy as can be when they arrived. They were so so wonderful with the kids, cracked so many cute jokes, told them about the girl reindeer Olive (granddaughters ate that up!) Mrs. Claus was the icing on the cake. The little girls who were all too scared to go to Santa went straight to her. She had the cutest personality and was so delightful!!! I hate to recommend them because I want to keep them all to ourselves LOL, we just loved every minute and can’t wait for all of the years we will spend with them in the future!


Witty & Wonderful


Witty & Wonderful

Santa Brad and Mrs Claus were wonderful. Santa’s comments were so fun and witty – they really were able to cross all age levels at our event. (2yrs -83yrs). Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus were so easy to work with as we coordinated our event. At the end Santa reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas and Jesus birth – and that Christmas is about giving love. We ended with singing Silent Night. A truly wonderful experience. Santa Brad and Mrs Claus exceeded my expectations.

Gig Salad Reviewer: Gunnell

Rating: 5 stars out of 5

It was obvious to all that you two are the real deal

You and Mrs. Claus were an absolute hit! I received many compliments from our members and the pictures they took with you turned out adorable! It was obvious to all that you two are the real deal. From the beautiful Santa suits to your calming demeanor, both kids and adults enjoyed your presence. Everyone loved Santa’s sense of humor. We would love to invite you and Mrs. Claus back to our dinner with Santa next year.

– Valerie B. Ogden Golf and Country Club

Email sent to the American West Heritage Center

Santa Claus is alive and well and volunteering at the American West Heritage Center and the Spirit of Giving is also alive and well.

My family and I recently went to Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center in Wellsville, Utah.  We had a blast.  This has been a tradition for our family for many years.  Even my daughters in California return with their families for this wonderful tradition. The baby ducks, chicks, goats, lambs and other babies are delightful.  We really enjoy playing games at the Pioneer site and learning survival skills at the Mountain Man cabin. It is a custom for my children and grandchildren to ride the train.  You can imagine our surprise when we were waiting in line to ride the miniature railroad, that when the train and engineer came into view that the train driver looked very familiar.  His long white hair and beard reminded us of Santa Claus.  I was about to say something to the grandkids when 4 year old Allison, shouted “Santa Claus is driving the train.”  Her child-like outburst caught her by surprise and she clapped her hands over her mouth and was greatly embarrassed. Stating something that everyone was thinking was pretty funny.  All those within the sound of her voice started cheering and clapping. When the train arrived and we were about to board, my family were joking and chatting about the Santa-like figure standing before us.  We were all amazed at his presence.  He had the shining eyes, rosy cheeks and a jolly smile and a great Sana-like voice, just like the story.  Although his belly did not resemble a bowl of jelly and he was not smoking a pipe, we were all mesmerized.  Even his hair and beard was wind-swept and was as “white-as-snow.  Everyone had a good laugh and hooted and hollered when during his safety instructions, he stated “Welcome to the Polar Express.”  During the two laps around the track my grand kids and those around us sang Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  Afterwards Santa gave everyone a high five and/or a fist bump as well as an admonition to be good for goodness sake.  My family could not stop talking about this experience for the rest of the day. We decided to go back the next day because we were not able to see the baby bears.  At the beginning of day there is always a flag raising exercise.  After a beautiful song and raising of the flag, we again saw Santa Claus participating in the black powder gun salute.  This time he was dressed in the traditional mountain man garb with a red vest and a green shirt and hat.  The boys in my family thought the gun salute was pretty neat. We hurried to the Baby Bear exhibit and had such a joyful time.  We spent the rest of the day at AWHC and rode horses and the electric bull ride and we even saw bison up close. We did not see Santa for a while, until we were getting ready to leave. We saw and witnessed the true, giving Spirit of Santa Claus.  An elderly gentleman’s electric wheelchair had broken down.  Santa called to a few of his friends and AWHC staff members and they began discussing how to get the man, his wife and the wheelchair to the parking lot.  It was a long way to go for a person who could not walk well.   Santa and a big mountain man began pushing the chair to the parking lot.  AWHC staff members took the man and his wife in a side-by side vehicle.  This really impressed my family.  This selfless act caused our hearts to become full and even a few tears appeared. My misty-eyed 17 year old twin grandsons stated that was “pretty cool.”  My 6 year old grandson, Nathan, said “I want to be a Santa Claus when I grow up… or maybe a big Mountain Man.”  We all laughed, and I gave a silent prayer of gratitude for a great example of a good deed and unselfish love. Thank you, American West Heritage Center for a great family experience full of lots of fun and wonderful memories. Thank you for the amazing and cheerful staff and volunteers like Santa Claus.

Susan Potter

As he got out of his vehicle, we saw the perfect Santa persona.

Thank you, thank you, Santa Brad. Last Tuesday I was taking my 5-year-old twins to a doctor’s appointment. They had been fairly sassy, feisty and obstinate for about a week and I had been warning them about being on the naughty and nice list for Santa. I tried to tie into the Easter Bunny coming or not, but that was not working either. Two minutes later, I was at an intersection when Santa Brad pulled up next to us. I tried to get his attention but the light changed and he drove away. His car had a “ST NICK” license plate. I knew I had to follow him. About three minutes later he pulled into a parking lot and I pulled up right behind him. As he got out of his vehicle, we saw the perfect Santa persona. His white hair was beautiful and his curly beard and shimmering eyes were just as I had imagined as a child. But the ultimate surprise is that he was dressed in green jeans, red tennis shoes and a red and white striped polo shirt. PERFECTION! I motioned him over to our car. The twins were speechless. Jessica started to cry because she knew she had been a bit naughty. John refused to look at him. He then went back to his vehicle and brought all of us a piece of peppermint candy, (with mom’s permission of course.) He also showed us his Sleigh Driver’s License with his picture. Again, PERFECTION! The kids came unglued, then they became goofy and they giggled and babbled with Santa and of course they tattled on each other. He reminded them that it was important to be being nice to mom and dad and grandma and how important it was to keep our rooms clean and put away our clothes and toys. He then stated something pretty profound that I had never thought of before. He stated “It’s OK to tease, BUT you cannot be mean.” I had to think about that for a minute. He explained to the kids about good teasing and bad teasing. It was a great lesson. We had to go. He reminded us all about being good for goodness sake. He gave me his business card and stated that I could call him any time to have a discussion with the children. I am also calling him next Christmas for our family party. The past two days the kids have been angelic. When we got home the twins rushed to clean their bedroom and toy room and of course they couldn’t wait to tell all their relatives that they had talked to the “real Santa”. (I did not even think about taking pictures.) They have been nice to each other, their parents and grandma. Thank you Santa Brad, you are a great man and I believe again.

Cynthia M.

Santa Brad is really Santa Claus

We saw Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus in the 2016 Peach Days Parade. Santa Brad is really Santa Claus. If you don’t believe me, just ask my children and grandchildren. Even the license plate on his big, red Harley Trike says SNTA. And his license plate frame says “Run, Run, Rudolph” Which, by the way, the song was playing on his bike radio during the parade. He did not wear his red velvet Santa suit, but instead he had on red jeans and green striped shirt. Grandpa told the kids it was his summer clothing. We have seen him and Mrs. Claus around town and he is always cheerful and kind. He personifies the Santa Spirit, 24/7/365. In the ACE hardware store, one of my grand-kids, Steven (6), once asked him some questions about life at the North Pole and his elves. Santa Brad answered the questions beautifully. He then asked Steven if he was: (1) being good, (2) minding mom and dad as well as grandma and grandpa, the first time they asked him to do something, and (3) was he teasing his little brother. He and Steven agreed that perhaps Steven was being good… most of the time. One of my daughters asked her daughter, “What was the best part of the parade?” She answered, “Seeing Santa, I have waited my whole life to see him.” (Samantha is almost 4.) All of her cousins agreed that seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus was a fun part. Thank you Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus for reminding us all that the Christmas Spirit is important all year long. Janet B.”2016 Weber School Foundation Christmas Tree Jubilee was a success. Returning was Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus. This cute couple is one of the best representations of Santa and his wife that I have ever seen. He has a jolly appearance with twinkling eyes and an effervescent personality. He made everyone laugh with his banter and his humor. Mrs. Claus was very gracious and she did not look bogus with the fake white wig and such. Her outfit is just what I envisioned as a child. Towards the end of the event, several of us cornered him and Mrs. Claus and asked him if we could take selfies to send to our children. Selfie with an Elfie he called it. He went one step further and said let’s video tape a message from Santa. EXCELLENT IDEA! We gave him the children’s names and a message to deliver. He performed beyond our expectations. He asked the kids to clean their rooms, be nice to everyone and mind their parents. He even told the kids if they misbehaved they would get reindeer poop in their stockings. My kids went nuts when they saw the message and they have been better since then. If they start acting up, I remind them of reindeer poop. We also observed him talking to the wait staff and asked if they could take pictures with them, which they did. This went over very well. One young lady was teary eyed and stated that the other Santas and entertainers only wanted to visit with the “guests” and ignored the staff. Santa and Mrs. Claus went above and beyond to be gracious and kind…well played. This Claus couple taught a lesson to us all about being good and kind to all regardless of social status. Then to top it off, we discovered that their time and effort is strictly volunteer at this event. We further found out that Mrs. Claus has been teaching Special Education children for over 34 years. She told us that she has witnessed the benefits of the money donated from the Weber School Foundation with children that she has taught. HUGE Thank You to Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus. You have showed us what the true meaning of the holiday season is about.”

Marley, Bonnie and Barbara

You Are The Best, Real Looking Santa


Santa Brad,

I got your contact information from your “sleigh”. I want to say thank you for putting up with my 11 year old son, Cole. Cole has autism and has had hard time with the kids teasing him about the reality of Santa.

We all saw you on the train at the KOA campground in Bear Lake. I actually gasped a bit when Cole shouted “look, it’s the real Santa”.

You look just like the Santa from movies and story books. I loved your summer Santa outfit. Our family has all seen Santas at the malls and at church parties, but you are the best, real looking Santa.

Cole kept hanging around you when you were talking to all the other families. He was just mesmerized with you, Mrs. Claus and your KOA elf. Saturday evening when KOA had the wagon ride, he sat next to you the whole time and he must have talked your ear off. You were very gentle and kind with him.

When we returned from our camping trip, he cleaned his room and even offered to help his brother keep his room clean. He has been singing Christmas songs all the time.

Thank you for helping the keep the spirit of Christmas alive.


I am amazed at your ability to make everyone so happy and comfortable.

Hi Santa Brad, I just wanted to thank you and Mrs. Claus so much for another perfect party. I am amazed at your ability to make everyone so happy and comfortable. Mrs. Claus is phenomenal!! You two are a perfect pair.  I was so blessed to have found you. We look so forward to your visits.  The kids’ excitement over seeing you is unbelievable.
Looking forward to next year!!! Hope you enjoyed the goodies. We were so happy that you took them. Felt good to give you something! !
C and C

The faces of these children said it all - they Believe - and isn't that what it is all about!
Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus came to our house! We decided to have all of our grandchildren and some of the neighborhood children come to our house just before Christmas for a personal visit with Santa. All the children had arrived and we were keeping them entertained until Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived. Soon there was a phone call and low-and-behold Santa and Mrs. Claus were at our door!  I wish that you could have seen the faces of the children from ages 2 to 19 years old. We tried to take pictures as fast as possible to capture that special moment. – the children were mesmerized. The parents could not believe how REAL both Santa and Mrs. Claus seemed. I secretly think they, at that moment, felt like a child again and BELIEVED IN THE MAGIC!!   The next day our granddaughter, Briella, sat in the rocking chair and her eyes lit up as she said to me Santa sat here and talked to her. I hope that we have started a tradition by having Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus coming into our home each year as our grandchildren grow, what a wonderful experience. The faces of these children said it all – they Believe – and isn’t that what it is all about!
They are a PERFECT picture of the "authentic" Christmas duo
Our church celebrated it’s annual Christmas Party and really made it a hit with a visit from COWBOY Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus. They are a PERFECT picture of the “authentic” Christmas duo. Santa is jolly, funny, talented, and “authentic” with his real beard and belly. His smile is infectious and his eyes twinkle and dance with excitement.  Mrs. Claus is a sweet confection of love. Her personality is just as you would expect the loving Mrs. Claus to possess. Many comments we heard that night were……….”Wow, how did you ever find them – they are great!” My kids and I TRULY BELIEVE “Santa Brad & Lisa Claus sure helped make this the best party ever!”

We highly recommend this wonderful holiday duo to make your Christmas event magical.

He just knew too much!

Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Claus: Thank you so much for making our annual holiday party the most memorable it has ever been! One of the children, who was too old for Santa, thought for sure the Real Santa paid him a visit…”he just knew too much!” Beautiful personalities, you are a true treasure that has injected my family with the holiday spirit!

Thank you for bringing her dreams to reality!

Your Christmas visit with Skylar was fantastic!! She still can’t believe it. She brags about it to everyone.  Thank you for bringing her dreams to reality! She will retain this memory forever and maybe do it for her kids one day.

Melted My Heart


Our experience with Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus was absolutely Fabulous! From the start, the communication was informative and very helpful, and the day of our event could not have been more perfectly preformed!
Seeing my Grandkids, and family smile, laugh and sing, melted my heart and the comments from everyone, about our event will not be forgotten!! Can’t wait for our pictures to get developed!! Thank you so much, Santa Brad and Mrs. Claus!!
Reviewer: Kim Calderwood

At 25, I feel I am a little too old to believe in Santa Claus.


At 25, I feel I am a little too old to believe in Santa Claus. I had the faith he existed and felt in my heart he was real, but not physically real until … I was in our parking lot refilling windshield washer units (I manage a local gas/convenience store). Walking across the parking lot was an elderly gentleman with snow white hair and a white beard, round glasses, wearing a red flannel shirt, green jeans, black boots and a green, knit cap. He smiled and said, “Hello, Thomas” as he passed. I said “hi” and stopped, he kept walking. No one has called me Thomas since High School and then it was my teachers. It wasn’t until a few seconds later I realized I didn’t know him yet he knew my childhood name. I had never seen him before and I wondered how we knew each other. I watched him as he got into his SUV. It said “ST NICK” on the license plate. His license plate frame stated, ‘MY OTHER CAR IS A SLEIGH, NORTH POLE ALASKA”.  Strange? Yes, but it extremely lightened my mood. I was humming happy Christmas songs for the rest of the day and everything else was marvelous. I did get his name and contact information from the side of his vehicle. Thank you, Santa Brad for restoring my belief in Santa Claus and the joy and goodness he brings. Tom N.

You two did an absolutely amazing job

You two did an absolutely amazing job. You not only had all the kids mesmerized, but the parents as well. We have been hosting a Santa party for the past 4 years…with the kids getting older we felt the need to go with a “official” Santa Claus.  Santa Brad was great and Mrs. Claus was a huge bonus.  You were PERFECT!! The special time you spent with each child individually created lifelong memories for not only the child but each parent as well. I have already had 2 friends as me for your contact info. Thank you again for creating such wonderful memories for the kids (my youngest son still shows me how Santa taught him to say Ho Ho Ho)

– Nicole