Santa Resume

Santa Brad


Global Gift Giver Expertise and Proficients:

  • ★ My eyes — how they twinkle
  • My dimples, how merry
  • My cheeks are like roses
  • My nose like a cherry
  • My droll little mouth is drawn up like a bow
  • The beard on my chin is as white as the snow
  • Respected, deadline-driven professional with a global perspective
  • Renowned for infinite generosity
  • Child-friendly and considerate
  • Exudes energy and confidence
  • Extends a warm welcome to persons of all faiths and nationalities
  • Multi-tasker
  • Excellent time management
  • Strives for operational excellence in a fast-paced environment
  • Brand conscious
  • Constantly sees red and white
  • Devises and executes creative marketing strategies to deliver dreams.

Professional Development:

SANTA, Santa-land, North Pole, Canada,                   Beginning of Santa-lore – Present


Post December 24th
  • Charm and entertain children at hospitals, community events and private parties
  • Wear costumes and portray Santa figure to provide amusement for children and adults
  • Preview naughty and nice list and discuss rewards and consequences with children and adults
  • Pose for pictures
  • Sample holiday fare
  • Present and discuss “True Meaning of Christmas” and “History of St. Nicolas”
  • Theological enforcer: protest against educators who forbid the singing of religious Christmas carols and judges who outlaw manger displays etc.
December 24th
  • Deliver presents from the Elves’ factory in the North Pole to all the good children world-wide
  • Carry out work whilst the children are asleep to avoid detection  (Ninja Santa)
  • Deliver gifts and presents in a nine-reindeer flying sleigh
  • Gain access to premises from the roof via chimney or through front door via special Santa key
  • Receive payment in the form of tips (generally milk and cookies)



  • International  Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas
  • International Organization of Bearded Gentlemen
  • Royal Order of Santa Claus
  • National Santa Claus Registry
  • Utah Santa Claus Association
  • Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas
  • Knights of Saint Nicholas



Bachelor of Saint Nicholas Diploma                                              2001
International University of Santa Claus (IUSC)                          Franklin Lakes, NJ
Master of Santa Claus Diploma                                                      2007
University of Santa Claus (USC)                                                      Phoenix, AZ


He errs who thinks Santa enters through the chimney, Santa enters through the heart. Charles Howard



Buddy T. Elf                  Head Imp

1495 Candy Cane Lane
North Pole, Canada

E. Stir Bunny                 Egg Industrialist                     .

141 Hippity Hoppity Ave
Fantasyland, D.C.
1-866 MYP EEPS

Dr. Tuth Fairy                Ivory Collector

1580 Sugary Sweet Street
Fantasyland, D.C.
1-888 LOO S2TH